Save The Clocktower XXII: Lost at Sea

Save The Clocktower XXII: Lost at Sea



Lost at sea! As the salt water overflows and gradually rises up the slope, the Callboys find themselves lost, alone, and reallllllllllly thirsty.

Former students, professors, and townies split off into factions and each tribe struggles to take hold of the only landmass for miles: the McGraw Clocktower.

As onlookers such as Denise Cassaro can only watch, the Men of Last Call take on loads of sea men, merpeople, mutated sea life, and an irritated Happy Dave in order to SAVE THE CLOCKTOWER!!

Come see the plot unfold and cheer on your favorite Callboys doing all the things they're known for like gluteus maximus gyrations, coordinated choreography, poorly-timed jobs, and, of course, singing!

Tickets to our Fall Concert “Save The Clocktower XXIII: Atlantis” are ON SALE! The concert will be held in Statler Auditorium on November 16th at 8pm.

After you buy your tickets, you will be able to pick them up at the door by giving our ushers your name. Doors open at 7:15pm.

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